Every year, more products are released into the homegoods market that feature advanced technology to make living in your house more efficient. It’s becoming easier than ever to control every aspect of your house with minimal effort, a trend that came into popularity when the universal remote hit the market. While most of these improvements are small, it’s an incredible convenience to automate a majority of your electrical appliances and adds up to a significant amount of time saved in the long run. While these advances would have seemed incredibly unlikely just a couple of decades ago, new gadgets are coming out every day and are usually decently affordable.

Temperature control

As one of the first advancements in technology for your home, temperature control has become incredibly popular. Thermostats were pretty basic until recently, but even being able to set the temperature in your home was revolutionary. Now, you can get smart thermostats that are scheduled to change temperature at different times throughout the day and do not have to be adjusted manually. You can set a thermostat to automatically raise or lower the temperature when you get home from work or when you’re gone for vacation. A lot of thermostats can even be controlled from a smartphone, which allows temperature to be controlled while you’re far from your house. This personalization often leads to lower energy costs and less energy used.

Automatic vacuums

While there are benefits of manually vacuuming, it takes a lot of time. If you have pets, you likely feel like you must constantly clean up after them. Luckily, robotic vacuums are more affordable than ever and can easily be set to run throughout the day or in the evening and do a quick clean-up of your house to make what you need to clean up significantly less. An automatic vacuum might be exactly what you need if you find yourself too busy to vacuum on many days and need some time to relax.

Easy connection

Having so much technology in your home may seem like it’ll just make life more complicated than it already is, but luckily integration has become increasingly popular for home technology. It’s simple to connect various devices throughout your home so you can control them with a central panel, remote, or even your phone. For many new products, you can turn lights, appliances, and security systems on or off using your smartphone.

Simple security systems

Everyone wants a secure home and it’s luckily easier than ever! There are plenty of low-cost options for security systems, many of which have options for cameras and alerts sent to law enforcement if a break-in would happen. Lots of systems now come with connected apps that allow homeowners to monitor cameras and make sure their home is locked while away on vacation or at work. With integration, it’s possible to set timers on lights as well so it gives the appearance of people being home if the house is empty for a few days. Some systems include an electronic key that is connected to the residents’ smartphones, so there’s no need to worry about remembering a code or entering it fast enough so you don’t accidentally set off the alarm.