Loft-style apartments have increased in popularity over the last several years and are often located in more urban areas. Note: it’s important to know what it means for an apartment to be a “loft;” for this article, a loft will be considered a large, open space that has been adapted to serve as an apartment. You can find countless lofts in New York City and younger tenants usually gravitate toward these types of apartments. If you’re interested in living in a loft, there are various pros and cons to consider and decide whether or not a loft best fits what you’re looking for in an apartment.



Open layout

This feature is a great one in a loft apartment, because it allows you to exercise your creativity when decorating your apartment. You can easily move furniture, set-up temporary dividers, and experiment with color schemes. Even if the square footage isn’t much, the lack of walls makes the apartment seem much roomier!

Natural lighting

For many people, this reason may be the best one to live in a loft. Lofts typically have large windows that let in lots of natural light and prevent the apartment from feeling claustrophobic. In a city, this feature is a fantastic one.

Unique details

Lots of lofts are former warehouses or other large buildings that have been broken up into apartments. Because of the purpose they served in a former life, lofts often have unique, industrial details you can utilize when decorating your apartment.

Lots of wall space

If you like to hang up art or other decorations, a loft has lots of wall space you can take plenty of time to cover with your favorite pieces. Lofts usually have high ceilings, which allow you to experiment with much larger art pieces than you would normally.



Scarce storage

Because of your open floor plan, you’ll have less natural storage like you would in a regular apartment. There won’t be many walls with built-in shelves or other features to place your items. If you have a lot of possessions, it’ll be a bit of a challenge to avoid a cluttered look.

Echoing sound

The high ceilings and open layout often cause sounds to echo. A normal tone of voice may sound quite loud or it could be difficult to have a conversation with the television on. If you have pets, you’ll hear them whenever they move around the apartment at night.

Limited privacy

Two people rarely share a loft, unless they’re in a relationship together. If you do share a loft with a friend, you’ll likely need to create some kind of divider to have your separate spaces. No matter who you end up sharing your loft with, you’ll see a lot of each other and need to take steps to give each other adequate space.

Expensive utilities
Since lofts are adapted from large warehouses, the insulation in these apartments isn’t always the best and your heat has to work harder to warm the large space. The same holds true for cooling down the apartment in the summer months. Calculate your budget accordingly and ask the landlord questions about average utility costs.