We’ve all heard stories about nightmare tenants, who leave their apartment in shambles, never clean, or constantly have domestic disputes. While most people believe they would never fall into this category of terrible tenants, there are little ways you may be making your landlord’s job much more difficult. Follow these tips in order to be remembered as the greatest tenant they ever had! If you’re a great tenant, you’ll have a happier landlord, which usually means you’ll get help when you need it, either with faster maintenance requests or more leniency if rent is late or you’d like a special favor.

Understand your lease

If you want to truly stand out as a tenant, then make sure you read through your lease. Reading and understanding your lease benefits you in various ways; you know the rules of the apartment and can make sure you do not anger your landlord and you also know if there’s any rules that are unusual and would be a deal breaker for you renting the apartment. Your lease is a legal contract that you agree to abide by once you sign it. Make sure you understand it and are okay with signing it. If your landlord ever tries to go against the lease, you’ll know what your rights are.

Properly submit maintenance requests

While you may regularly speak with your landlord and have a good relationship with her, it’s important to submit all formal requests in writing, whether through a letter or an online system your landlord uses. Having requests in writing makes it easier for your landlord to keep track of everything that needs to be done and where, which is especially useful if she manages multiple properties.

Be respectful

No matter how frustrating you may find your landlord at times, being respectful of him will do wonders for your relationship. Be polite and kind when you interact and you’ll likely get the same treatment in return. It’s also important to be respectful of the apartment. You may think painting a wall or hanging various decorations makes the place look better and is fine, but you should check with your landlord first and recognize you may be charged for these changes once you move out.

Pay your rent on time!

Most people pay their rent within a few days of when it’s due, believing they have a grace period after the initial date. However, this belief is rarely fact. Most landlords do not submit late fees for rent until a few days after the date it’s due, but they still consider it late. Be considerate and attempt to always have your monthly rent to your landlord sometime during the week leading up to the actual due date. Your landlord will appreciate you more and you’ll get a great recommendation from them when you look for a new apartment.